CMX - Kuoleman Kulkumies (English translation)

English translation

Death's Itinerant

It's the endless day of the übermensch
it's aim is to cover the eternity
whoever hears when they listen
the hinges of cosmos's webs strart creaking soon
On fire are the nostrils of horses
and villages, they will be burnt down
human shapes on stakes
and the doorman beckons, come here you
When we fall you will fall with us you
who never raised a finger
when we told you, there will be destruction
and glory, power and a new world
be more brutal than others, be immoral
be as clean as a cured hide
be hard and shiny like the night sky
be sacred like the infinity
Soon flocks of birds will be charred in the skys
blessed crops ablaze on the fields
heroes march between fields
and jab with their bayonets from time to time
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Kuoleman Kulkumies

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