Líadan (United States) - The Bride and Her Pyre

  • Artist: Líadan (United States) (Эллен)
  • Song: The Bride and Her Pyre
  • Translations: Spanish
  • Requests: French

The Bride and Her Pyre

Oh, what a delight!
see how the flames rise from the pyre.
Red-hot, illuminating the night;
searing your skin, your greatest desire.
Dance to the agonizing screams,
graze the bones turned to ash.
One hand clasps onto devotion;
the other turns blood into sand.
The sun will not concede her light,
offended and bewildered by our ritual.
With nothing to fuel it, the fire withers;
guided only by the stars in the sky.
Smoldering embers may scatter,
but it will always rage within.
You long to renew your vows;
maiden of a thousand blades.
Charred, disintegrating bride,
clad in your red-silk dress,
perfumed with sweet baby's-breath;
tonight, dear bride, you shall be wed.
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Song was written with Bádu dxaapa huiini sicarú playing in the background:


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