L'Amour (English translation)

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Love, not for me!
All this ‘forever’ biz
It’s not neat, it plays tricks
It sneaks on you
like a traitor in velvet
It hurts or bores me, it all depends
Love isn’t worth a dime
It spooks me
and disguises itself as softness
When it growls, when it bites me
Then, yes, it’s worse than everything
Since I want even more of it
Why make all those pleasures, thrills, caresses, shallow promises?
What’s the point getting caught in it again
Heart beating wildly
Understanding nothing?
It’s an ambush
Love won’t do
It isn’t a Saint Laurent [dress]
It won’t hang perfectly
If I can’t find my style
it isn’t for lack of trying
So, love? I pass
What’s the point of all those pleasures, thrills, caresses, lousy promises?
Getting caught in it again, what for?
Heart thumping
understanding zilch
It’s an ambush
Love, I won’t have it
I prefer from time to time
I prefer the taste of the wind
the strange sweet taste of my lovers’ skins
but love, not really!
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