La ballata dell'amore cieco (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: La ballata dell'amore cieco 4 translations
  • Translations: English, French, Polish, Russian

Ballad of blind love

An honest man, a good man
fell madly in love
of one who did not love him at all.
She told him "Bring me tomorrow"
said "Bring me tomorrow
the heart of your mother
for my dogs. "
He went by his mother and killed her
tore the heart out
and to his love he returned.
It was not the heart it was not the heart
was not enough horror
she wanted another proof of his blind love.
She told him "Love, if you love me"
said, "Love if you love me
cut the four veins of your wrists. "
The veins he cut of his wrists,
andas soon as the blood flowed
running wild to her again.
She told him with a loud laugh
she said laughing loudly
"The last test will be your death"
And while the blood slowly came out
and has now changed his color
vanity cold rejoiced
a man had killed himself because of his love.
Outside the wind blew sweet
but she was seized with terror
when she saw him die happy.
To die happy and in love
when she had nothing remained
not his love, not his good
but only the dried blood in his veins.
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La ballata dell'amore cieco

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