La bomba in testa (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: La bomba in testa 3 translations
  • Translations: English, French, Turkish

The bomb in the head

...and I was counting through the teeth to the stamps
I was saying "thanks God" "merry Christmas"
I was feeling normal
nevertheless my thirty years were a lit bit more that their
but it does't matter now I'm returning to work.
They were singing the chaos of dreams
the ungrateful of french's welfare
and they did't give the idea
to expose men at the balcony
of one only May, of a single country.
And I've got the face consumed of the common sense
repeating "They don't want hurt us"
and I don't feel normal
and I'm surprising me again
to measure myself on them
and now is late, now I'm returning to work.
They were endangering the way for a man
it takes also a sense to bear
of being able to bleed
and the sense shouldn't be endangering
but perhaps not want to endure more.
Who knows how it feels to liberate
the confidence in their temptations,
keep away the intruders
by our emotions
keep 'em away in time
and before you find yourself alone
with the fear of not returning to work.
Risking freedom street by street,
forget the rails toward home,
I'm worth it,
to get to meet people
without having to feign innocent.
By way I'm late for friends
for hatred I could do it alone
illuminating it by TNT
Who have the head and only shows the face
Always pleasant,always more and more imprecise.
And the explosive breaks, cuts, rummages
through the guests of a masked ball,
I invited myself
to detect the imprint
behind every jumping mask
and don't have compassion for the first time.
Submitted by Niko56Niko56 on Sun, 08/02/2015 - 00:01

La bomba in testa

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GuestGuest    Sun, 08/02/2015 - 00:43


This stanza is missing from the translation:

"Mi sforzo di ripetermi con loro
e più l'idea va di là del vetro
più mi lasciano indietro,
per il coraggio insieme
non so le regole del gioco
senza la mia paura mi fido poco."

There are quite a few grammatical errors. A couple of expressions and words have been translated incorrectly. As a result the original idea is partly lost.

One separate remark:
"and I was counting through the teeth to the stamps" doesn't actually mean anything. The expression "through the teeth" is generally used when somebody is lying: "He was lying through the/his teeth".

"I was counting the stamp teeth" would be the correct translation.

Niko56Niko56    Sun, 08/02/2015 - 15:39

Thank, you're right. I know, I saw the mistakes yesterday too, but in error I sent the translation, just my fault. I'll revise it as soon as I can. Haste makes waste. Thank you again.