La cattiva strada (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: La cattiva strada 8 translations
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The Bad Road

At the military parade
He spat in the eyes of a naïve soldier
And when he asked him ‘Why?’
He answered “This is nothing.
Now it’s time for me to go”.
And the naïve one followed,
Left his weapons behind and followed him
To walk down a bad road.
In the alleys behind the train station
He stole a Queen’s pay
And when she asked ‘How— ”
He answered “Maybe it’s better this way,
Now it’s like it was before,
Maybe it’s time for me to go”.
And the queen followed,
With all her sorrow she followed him
To walk down a bad road.
On a moonless night
He shifted the stars’ positions
And when the pilot crashed to the ground
He said “You died by your own mistake.
Anyway, I should be going now”.
And the pilot followed,
Left the stars behind and followed him
To walk down a bad road.
He poured one more drink
To an eighteen-year-old alcoholic
And while he watched
He told him “Friend, I bet you’re about to say
It’s time for me to go”.
The alcoholic understood,
He said nothing, and followed him
To walk down a bad road.
At a love trial
He kissed the jurors on the mouth
And to their shocked (blushing) faces
He said: “Now it’s more natural
Now it’s better, now it’s right, it’s just, it’s fair
That I should go”.
And the jurors followed
Gaping, they followed him
Down the bad road
Down the bad road
And when he vanished at last
To the yea-sayers
And the nay-sayers
He said, he warned: “It’s not good
To follow me around wherever I go.
But there’s a little love for everybody
And everybody has a love of their own
Here on the bad road.”
On the bad road.
Submitted by Emily84Emily84 on Thu, 31/12/2009 - 01:27
Author's comments:

This was a tough one to translate. It's probably the most difficult song to translate I ever ever had to trasnlate. Fabrizio De André's lyrics, as usual, can be very cryptic, and instead of interpreting the meaning I chose to remain faithful to the original as much as I could - of course, I had to make a few minor changes, but it's all there. Repetitions and redundancies I left untouched.
The title was the most difficult thing to translate. I tried just about a million alternatives (Led Astray, Walk Down a Bad Road, Bad Path, etc.) but ended up using the most literal one so that people can find it more easily when browsing the site.
I welcome any kind of suggestions,so please feel free to drop me comments, notes, questions, or any other form of constructive criticism.
Thank you!


La cattiva strada

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