La faixa (English translation)

English translation

The corset

The corset isn't on fashion,
the corset is on low times,
that's why the corset manufacturers
of the national industry
summon for the table
the corset union:
wednesday at half past ten
general assembly.
The corset... Olé, olé, y olé.
The corset is on discount. Olé, olé, olé.
They don't look so optimistic
those corset manufacturers
in other words, corsetists1
The meeting begins
and the terror is so big
that for appeasing the assembly
that's how the president talks:
"Lifelong customers
now are jumping off,
no corsets are exported
nor to Greece nor Portugal."
So much approaching to Europe!
So much jacket switching!
If we don't take care of the business
we will go to hell.
I've seen by making numbers
that if we keep going down
we'll have to say to the country
corset... or death!
Next in the meeting
they read a pamphlet
that against the corset
has wrote the opposition.
They wrote: "Fellowmen, the corset
oppress us and dominate us,
we must burn all the corsets
and the corsetists on top of that."
Ten fall over the table
victims of a dismay,
the remaining half hysterical
sing enraged:
"There are three days in the year
that shine more than the sun:
Holy Thursday, Corpus Christi
and the Ascension day" 2
Corsetists... Olé, olé, y olé.
Don't look for solutions. Olé, olé, y olé.
You know from reliable sources
that the blame is on the francmasons
and the evil jews.
You are of the western world
the spiritual reserve,
under the protecting cape
of the Holy Inquisition. Ole!
  • 1. Sounds too close to "fascists"
  • 2. On an alternative version they sing "and July 18"
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La faixa

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