Laura Pausini - La fata delle favole (English translation)

English translation

The Fairy Of Fairy-Tales

And if you smile
And throw off clouds,
I will just remain
As a fairy of clouds.
I don't remember any more,
Even sadness,
That magic air
In every my caress.
Give me a beautiful dream
And a magic touch.
Don't play with me kegs
With this my life.
Then a jump to the ice.
A way is easier than March,
Two apples, the sky and a way.
And you stay here,
Warm up my soul.
I will make up a message,
Earth in a cloud.
And we will fly up,
Two free bees,
And it is not important to me any more
That deep inside we are angels.
The wind is my friend,
It will be able to bring us away,
Not from the emptiness of life
Which is all an utopia.
I will make up a question,
Fetters, poetry,
And you will be my king
And I - your queen.
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La fata delle favole

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