Pabellón Psiquiátrico - La flauta de Bartolo (English translation)

English translation

Bartolo's flute

Bartolo had a flute
with a single hole.
And he caused everybody trouble
with Bartolo's flute.
That flute had
just a single hole.
It was of pink color,
specially long and hard.
All the girls
All the girls
All the girls hallucinated
when the flute
when the flute
when the flute was playing
Bartolo was going by the plazas
giving serenades
The girls by seeing his flute
opened their legs like that
Bartolo didn't know chords
scales nor sharps
he played that flute
when he was bored
I also have a flute
like Bartolo's
come try it again
when we're alone
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La flauta de Bartolo

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