La flor del trabajo (English translation)

  • Artist: Billo's Caracas Boys
  • Song: La flor del trabajo
  • Translations: English
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The Flower of Work

Coming December to its end
I had a New Year's Resolution:
In the upcoming year
I'm going to put my heart on everything
I thought about starting on the First day,
But I resolved to wait
Just out of personal taste
That January 6th passed by,
Without realizing that now
(And don't let this get misinterpreted)
I had ran out of my creative force
And the Carnival caught me, champ 1
I ended up a little weary
But since the body can withstand it,
I resolved to start working non-stop
After the Holy Week;
The situation wasn't that easy,
Sometimes one gets a little bit tired
And coming to think about it twice,
I decided to wait another three months;
After that little rest,
(A Very deserved one, by the way)
I got to July really calm,
I'm rejuvenated!
August was a good start
For my aspirations,
But I forgot a detail;
It's a vacation month,
In October I actually started
To think about it seriously again,
I made my plans and got ready,
But My Friend Emeterio called:
"Come over here, don't you forget
That La Chinita is in November, 2
Don't work in this month,
You got all December left, Chum!"
With a Hundred Ideas,
I wanted to start working
Bah! It's not worth it anymore
It's the Christmas Month now!
Now, This guy really was the Flower of Work 3
The whole year just went by, and He did nothing!
  • 1. In many South American countries, the Carnaval is celebrated in February.
  • 2. La Chinita is an informal name for the Holiday of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, celebrated in Venezuela around November 18th
  • 3. Sarcastic remark, "The Flower of" is used to refer to The source of something.
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La flor del trabajo

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