Almafuerte - La llaga (English translation)

English translation

The ulcer

I take this ulcer attached
as an old rosette.
I'm showing you my open wound
which wasn't made by a female.
From the heart shining on my pain
It hanged from me.
This is the ulcer that protects
the bones of my conscience,
for me to never ever
forget the reason of the misery.
Its feeling of lonely good night,
can't go on.
It keeps sayings of who look
to the magic king of the absence.
Also defeat, sacrifice, love.
Pavement, smell of beast.
Rain of yards, heavy metal
that sounds in the chaperios1
and a butterfly of mine and of who wrote
that he returns in the spring to see.
  • 1. A house made with steel plates
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La llaga

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