Mojinos Escozios - La mamá de José (English translation)

English translation

Jose's mom

we won't believe it
we won't believe it
we won't believe it
we won't believe it
my friend dani presented me
the mother of his friend jose
you won't believe it
but I fucked her that very night.
the first screw was in the party bathroom
the second in her car,
then we went to her home
to give a grand finale.
Jose's mom is driving me crazy
If I leave her she eats even my snots
Jose's mom is driving me crazy
I couldn't go on and she wanted another.
it wasn't normal what that woman had between her legs
that looked like, that looked like,
that looked like the duracell rabbit
my friend dani didn't tell me
that woman was so passionate,
so ardent, so red-hot
so tremendously dangerous.
we got into that room
and we came out three weeks later
and she yet told me
if I didn't want to stay in bed
she wanted to ease her thirst
I wanted an ambulance
she had no patience
and I had no more substance.
I couldn't lift my eyelashes
and she wanted more
I just wanted to scape, flee,
scape leave Spain.
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La mamá de José