El Fary - La mandanga (English translation)

English translation

The mandanga

I went into a disco, I'm shy and I got scared
Fifteen years old girls and the boys too
They were talking about weird stuff I didn't got
I'll tell you what they said, I'll tell you what they said
In the case you know it
Give me the Mandanga and stop talking about that
Give me the chocolate that turns me on
Give me the brown that makes a good smell
With Mary I'll get high
After twenty minutes without knowing how and why
With the smell of the smoke I got high too
The boys told me come here and join us
I hit the mandanga, I hit the mandanga
My shyness is over
I go to the disco to get my drink
Look if I get so high that I look chinese
The same in Valladolid, Toledo and Salamanca
Everybody dances now, everybody dances now
The rhythm of the mandanga
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La mandanga

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