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The Manic

If only you knew how long the time is at Manic
You'd write way more often, to the Manicouagan
Sometimes I think so hard about you
That I recreate your soul and your body
I look at you and I am filled with wonder
I throw myself into you
Just like the river into the sea
And the flower into the bee
My beautiful lover, what do your silken forehead
And your velvet eyes become, when I am not there
Do you turn towards the Côte-Nord 1
To see a little, to see some more
My hand signalling you to wait
At twilight and at dawn, I reach out
I meet you wherever you may be
And I keep you
Tell me what's going on in Trois-Rivières and in Quebec City
Where there's so much to do, and eveything we do with it
Tell me what's going on in Montreal
In the dirty side streets
Where you're always the most beautiful one
Because ugliness can't get to you
You, who I'll love until I pass away
My eternal
We boast around all day long
But we're all good guys faithful to their loves
Some play guitar
Others play accordion
To pass time, when the time is long
But me, I play of my love
And I dance, saying your name
Because I love you so much
If only you knew how long the time is at Manic
You'd write way more often, to the Manicouagan
If you don't have much to tell me
Write the words 'I love you' a hundred times
It will be the most beautiful of poems
I'll read it a hundred times
A hundred times, a hundred times are not a lot
For those who are in love
If only you knew how long the time is
At Manic
You'd write way more often
To the Manicouagan
  • 1. Region of Quebec where the Manic dam is.
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Author's comments:

This song is written from the point of view of a worker on the Manic (an hydro-electric dam) construction site, which was built in the 1960s. You can find some more information here.


La Manic

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