Robert Charlebois - La Marche Du Président (English translation)

English translation

The President's March

A president is going hunting
The field is too big,
The sun is too white
The wind is too high
Too soon, a child...
Playing with his toothache,
Playing with his eye to see inside
He's biting grains of sand with his eyes
In front of the silent concrete
Behind our house, there is a pond
A president is going to kill time
And its great vulture, money
That sees everything coming from high there on the winds
The child sees the president coming
He puts his eyes back into his balloon,
Pretends that time is not dragging by
Aimed at the wind, killed the wind
Mister the child,
Give me your name and rank
For a seven year old boy,
You're quite tall
The child see the president coming,
With the intention to steal his kite
The vulture goes flying higher up,
A child turned his back on them
There is bad weather over the pond
Mister the child,
For a moment,
Talk to the president
Who's wasting his time
Who are you, from all of your seven years of age?
The child says, 'I am the president,
Even though I don't have a vulture
Following me, circling around me'
The vulture asks, 'So when will you?
Tomorrow, or forty years from now?'
The child says, 'Ask this to the wind'
The wind says, 'The child is president'
'It's charming, but most of all quite funny',
Says the president to his vulture,
'This little guy will do great things'
But the child still sees where this is going1
'Tell me, mister the dreaming child,
What will your first laws be?'
The child says, 'First I will abolish
The mining of silver and gold,
And all of the gold and all of the silver2 of time
Will be used for your monument,
The construction of your regiment
With iron and concrete all around it
I will abolish the government
With this president job,
I will blackmail the reactors
In agreement with the blenders
I will hide under your monument
The whole arsenal and weapons
I will only keep the knives,
And then turn my back on you'
Under its wing, it's bleeding
The president
Says to his vulture,
'Go fly around
At the end of my field'
A balloon dying on the pond3
And talking to a kite
The sun goes down with a bloody eye,
And the moon looks like the white balloon
Three ladies go and pick them up
  • 1. 'Voir venir quelqu'un': literally 'see someone coming', as an idiom 'see what someone is going to say/means by something'.
  • 2. 'Argent' is both 'silver' and 'money', I guess any of those could be used here.
  • 3. 'Crever' means 'to die' (for people) and 'to burst' (for ballons).
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La Marche Du Président

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