Plastilina Mosh - La nalguita (English translation)

English translation

The buttock

Oh doctor I'm sick of love
Take the buttock out
Oh doctor
Take the buttock out here goes your injection
It's so hot and there's no fan
and I like your cheeks of that color
and I'm soaked in sweat in front of the TV
(in front of the TV)
And with your feet in the pacific sand
it's an Indiana Jones adventure story
but don't forget you gotta consult your doctor
(no no, no no)
Here comes the infection!
Here comes the infection!
But I'm peniciline, I'm ampicillin
I kill the pain and turn it into love
and if you feel like itching!
and if you feel like itching!
take sunbaths and a beer with lemon
and if you prefer in bikini it¡s better
And time passes and I travel down your veins
to kill all these pains
and for excitement ov living an illusion to start
what's up? you feel better
take off your dress and wear the bath suit
and turn off the light I wanna see you better
in contrast with the sun
there's no better moment.
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La nalguita

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