Mojinos Escozios - La pastilla de jabón (English translation)

English translation

The soap bar

My fella Ramon brings the ball
My fella Malaguita brings the music
My fella Paco brings the tobacco
My fella Caravaca brings the flask
All the fellas, every sunday
we get together and we play a football match
One passes it to me, other take it from me,
and later in the rest: a beer.
Let's go to the field, we go the boys
to spend the morning behind a ball
Some kicks some sprints
and then we have a shower.
What an awful foul a defender did to me
Then a forward hit me with his head
Everytime the thing got more tense
Until the goalkeeper put it between my legs.
Me who was so male
I got in a shower full of boys,
my soap bar fell
and if I know it, I won't bend down.
Goddamit! I was so male,
I was going down the streets, and even the bitches
were lifting their tails
to hump my legs.
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La pastilla de jabón