La răscruce de vânt (English translation)

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At the wind's turning point

The sand on your trail
is lost in your steps' way
and they're lost in the infinity
where the eyes are hurt
If you're turning in her time
to take back the timeline
many things they have done
many things are as in the begining
I see my steps in the sand
they're interwining with yours
and in the place that we have stopped
the sand only turned cold
But in the shadow of your face
I've kept its warmth
that's flowing
deep inside the heart
Your steps, my steps
became so hard
Seems like yesterday they stopped
at the wind's turning point
A thread came loose from us
we'll stay together
it'll start over again
all that we knew
The sand on its trail
is lost in your steps' way
The sand on its trail
is lost in your steps' way
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La răscruce de vânt

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