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Queen of the South

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I will sing a ballad
listen well to my compas
for the Queen of the South
a very famous dealer
born there in Sinaloa
the aunt of Teresa Mendoza
the blond told Tere(sa)
I leave you my phone
when you hear it ring
do not try to answer
because I'm already twisted
and you will have to escape
the blond was Davila
a very risky pilot
of the cartel of Juarez city
he did them many errands
in a sesna plane
in the desert they killed him
an epiphany he said to Vargas
Teresa will escape
I have a friend in Spain
there he can accomodate
I am owed many favors and you'll have help
when I get Melilla
then the luck will change
Sir Santiago Pisterra
they gathered a lot of people
buying and selling drugs
for the two continents
Manolo Cespedes said
Teresa is very risky
she sells the drug to France
Africa and also to Italy
even the Russians buy
It is a very heavy aunt
she was able to learn the accent
used throughout Spain
demonstrated her status
as the noblest lady
to many they were surprised
Teresa the Mexican
sometimes dressed in leather
of her land she remembered
with crocodile boots and
her ostrich jacket
using a piteado belt
had tequila when offered
she was the Queen of the South
there in her homeland
Teresa the Mexican
from across the sea
a very brave woman
do not forget in vain
one day she disappeared
Teresa the Mexican
they say she is in prison
others that she lives in Italy
in California or Florida
of the American Union
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La Reina del Sur

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