Amesoeurs - La reine trayeuse (English translation)

English translation

The milking queen

Walking up and down the streets from atop my stilts1
I overlook the city before they hunt me down.
But I am small, dry2, and so inflamable.
When night comes, blades don't frighten me anymore,
stiff as bishops who smash down the inside.
Around me the world is spouting its depravities and,
like the good milking queen I am, I spit out
their excess of aggressiveness.
But I am small, dry, and so inflamable.
When I get dirtied,
dreams die one after the other.
All these dark faces will lead me nowhere,
I offer everything and everything opens up, violently.
When I arch my back, everything forces itself and shies away.
  • 1. The usual meaning is actual walking poles, but it can also mean "long legs" like in English
  • 2. can also mean "lean" (figure) or "curt/cold" (character)
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Author's comments:

I have little or no idea of what she means there, so I picked arbitrary meanings for quite a few expressions.


La reine trayeuse

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