Jesús Quintero - La revolución bien entendida (English translation)


La revolución bien entendida

Cada día intento hacer una revolución desde la colina.
Una revolución pacífica a lo Gandhi, o a lo Cristo.
Una revolución basada en el amor, en la comprensión,
en la paz, en la libertad y en la justicia.
Mi revolución es una revolución de sentimientos.
Una revolución de fondo, mucho más que de forma.
Una revolución individual.
Yo no quiero revolucionar a las masas, prefiero invitarte a que tú te revoluciones, a que mantengas vivo lo mejor de ti
y a que vivas conforme a tu conciencia.
Lo que yo busco es que tú no participes en la injusticia,
que no te manches en el juego sucio, ni en la mentira,
que no seas uno más para la corrupción y la violencia,
sino uno menos.
Si te invitan a matar, no mates.
Si te invitan a robar, no robes.
Si te invitan a mentir, no mientas.
También la revolución bien entendida
empieza por uno mismo.
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English translation

The well-intended revolution

Every day I try to make a revolution from the hill.
A peaceful revolution Gandhi-style, or Christ-style.
A revolution based on love, on understanding, on peace, on freedom and on justice.
My revolution is a revolution of feelings.
A revolution of basics, much more than of appearances.
A personal revolution.
I don't want to stir up the masses, I would rather invite you to make changes in yourself, to keep most of yourself unchanged and live in accord with your conscience.
What I'm looking for is that you take no part in injustice,
that you don't dirty yourself in foul games, nor in lying, that you don't be one more for corruption and violence, but one less.
If they ask you to kill, don't kill.
If they ask you to steal, don't steal.
If they ask you to lie, don't lie.
And a revolution with good intentions starts with one's self.
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Author's comments:

I like this sermon (is that the right thing to call it, or should I call it a prayer?).

The choice of coomandments (from moses' tablet) to paraphrase (three of the last four lines in the song) is interesting: Thou shallt not kill; Thou shalllt not steal; Thou shallt not bear false witness. They are the three that I personally find most important, but I have the impression that that isn't the case for most people.

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Valeriu Raut    Mon, 10/11/2014 - 07:02

The translation task was too easy for you Tom.

Typo: (an) and live in accord

You teach me that it should be a comma after "injusticia", not a point.

michealt    Tue, 11/11/2014 - 21:08

Thanks for pointing the typo out - I've fixed it now.

Aldefina    Fri, 19/05/2017 - 20:21

Hello, Tom. You forgot something. Once you have a comma after “injustice” there’s no need to capitalize the following “That” anymore.

michealt    Sat, 20/05/2017 - 17:21

OK, Andrzej, you're right - I was careless. Fixed.

Aldefina    Sun, 21/05/2017 - 19:41

Don't worry, Tom. The same happens to me.