Les Cowboys fringants - La Ruelle Laurier (English translation)

English translation

The Laurier Alley

I accidentally saw the light of day
About 20 years ago
My mother found me ugly
My dad was never there
I had a happy childhood
Between the whiskey bottles
And the very important Valiums
Bought on sale in the pharmacies
I did not have a lot of friends
I moved too often
I grew up without making noise
Not to annoy my parents
My dad was a proud man
He did not want my mom to be strong
For it to work his way
He would throw her through the door
I have dreamt more than once of being strong
To be tall like a house
To lift him by one arm
Breaking him in two on the living room table
My mom was living this calmly
By pretending she loved him
Stressed while knowing
He would return for his sin
She would slowly close her eyes
While he grabbed her hair
He made her get on her knees in front of the sofa
To appease his vicious instincts
Wednesday evening after the hockey game
I'll wait for my dad at the old Dugas
When he will take the Laurier Alley
I'll make sure he won't come out
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La Ruelle Laurier

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