La semi-automatica (English translation)

  • Artist: Mercanti di liquore
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The semi-automatic [gun]

He was an artist with a semi-automatic [gun],
a big burly man with an asymmetric face
grown up in a somewhat tragic family:
a missing father, an alcoholic sister, a cantankerous mother.
In his last year of compulsory education,
he was already boasting about a shady affair
[with a lady] he met at the Citizen's Center1
a streetwalker on the boulevards visited by unprincipled folks.
She used to tell him: "Take me to Cesenatico2
we'll get lost in the indecent maelstrom of an Adriatic kiss"
He answered: "My little wild flower, I'll get you out of here...
I'll find a car and I'll be back, but I can't guarantee it's my car".
In the years that followed he became a technician,
specialized in shoplifting and theft of public money,
for his sweetheart, whose most incurable habit was smoking,
he blew up a vending machine.
But if water often bursts its banks,
it brings discomfort to those who suffer from rheumatic pains,
that big burly man starts to attract a lot of attention,
creates grudges and causes strong, unpleasant resentment.
On a late December night - one that gives you the shivers -
she came back with her face covered in scratches and bruises
she had dared to address Nando in a contentious manner,
but pimps are not gentlemen, more likely boxers...
He kissed her, embraced her and tucked her in,
then he went out, his blood boiling and a gun in his hand,
found Nando and pointed the semi-automatic right between his eyes,
then he pulled the trigger and heard a click... Bloody hell, the gun was unloaded.
He was an artist with a semi-automatic [gun],
a big burly man with an asymmetric face,
they riddled him with bullets down Padova Road,
they didn't know he was leaving a widow.
He was found in a pile of rubbish and garbage at the old dump.
That's overkill. Those folks are too methodical.
  • 1. Lit: "House of the People", a community center organized by the Communist Party, a common sight in post-WW2 Italy
  • 2. Seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea
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La semi-automatica

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