Luce - La Symphonie d'Alzheimer (English translation)

English translation

The Symphony of Alzheimer

Perhaps I’m acting like a kid granny
Perhaps I’m too delicate
But I know how to read between your lines granny
I know sign language
Tell me that you’ve not erased it all granny
That you’ve not emptied the bin 1
The hard disk isn’t broken of course
It’s just that the past has been put on hold
In the hideaway of your inner child’s heart
If you manage to take yourself there
You’ll find the stick of incense
That I had left in December
I'm willing to light it up for you
You’re not alone in this fog
I’m the little campfire
That glimmers in your memory
That glimmers in your memory
It’s nothing but a nostalgic breeze granny
That fades likes a bouquet of flowers
Such is the sad tragedy granny
Of an old story without author
It’s nothing but a lousy melody granny
To the rhythm of your heartbeat
An old tune fallen into oblivion granny
It’s the Symphony of Alzheimer
You know, it’s not that it hurts me granny
I wouldn’t want you to think that
But I can see between your wrinkles granny
That life has played its tricks on you
You cannot close the book granny
The story doesn’t end like that
It's just a single chapter to live through
The author has planned better things for you
And you can’t have forgotten everything
You’re pretending, I don’t believe you
The heart is like a damp candle you know
Than one can sometimes relight
It’s all written on these photos
Our memories are hand in hand there
Ferré was just gossipping
As time goes on, everything comes 2
As time goes on, everything comes
It’s nothing but a nostalgic breeze granny
Blowing in a minor key
It’s the scribbled musical score
of this old song without an author
It’s nothing but a lousy melody granny
Carved for a moment in our hearts
This song is one you wrote granny
It’s the Symphony of Alzheimer
This song is one you wrote granny
It’s the Symphony…
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La Symphonie d'Alzheimer

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petit élève    Mon, 03/04/2017 - 14:56

That's actually quite good!
This time she refrains from sick jokes, though the theme is, as often, not so cheering :).

"ritournelle" is rather a (corny) (love) song, though it also means "a (phoney) old story".

qui s'est mis en veille -> that's also French computer lingo ("has gone into standby" or something?)

Je veux bien -> "I'm willing to" maybe ?

c'est pas que ça m'abîme -> "abîmer" is a bit unusual here. That would mean "it damages me", or maybe "it wears me down"

Ce n'est qu'un seul chapitre à vivre -> you got one negation too many Regular smile
("It's but a single chapter to live through" or something like that)

Qu'on peut rallumer quelques fois -> could be "a few times", but more probably "sometimes" in this context

Gavin    Mon, 03/04/2017 - 15:25

She does swing wildly between the touching and thoughtful, and, the downright weird. But then there are a few different authors at work on the album. :-)

On hold/on standby is pretty close in English - I think I prefer the former just because it seems to roll of the tongue a little more easily here.

Hurt, can very much mean damage as well as "cause pain" so it seemed a good fit. If a bit more vanilla than "abîmer"

Think I've tidied up all the rest now :-)

Gavin    Tue, 04/04/2017 - 14:47

I've just revisited the line "Avec le temps va tout s'en vient" as I had misread it as being the same as the Ferré one rather than the opposite. Does it seems correct to you now?