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The earth is round

All in all, I believe that the Earth is round,
For one good reason
After having done a world tour,
All I want is to be at home
You need a car to go to work
You work to repay the car that you came to buy
You see how this vicious circle world
The type of thing which gives the desire to do everything apart from die old
You can run to infinity
In the pursuit of happiness, the Earth is round so learn that here
I'm not lazy but I have laziness
And that will go to finish in a sick leave for the whole week
I want to benefit the people that I love
I want to take time before time takes me and takes me away
I have hundreds of things on the fire
But I will do only that which I want when even
Chorus x2
American rappers give same advice as my parents
Do what you want in your life, but above all make money
I am trying to find the balance
How that serves to prepare the future if you forget to live
In boxers which act as pyjamas
Instead of brown nosing my boss for an advance which he will not give me
This evening I will round up the team
Waiting 'thank you for calling, but leave your message after the beep, please'
Today I feel good
I don't want to waste everything, I'm going to postpone everything until tomorrow
There is truly nothing that I truly need
You'll see easily if I loose myself on the way
Chorus x2
Why do everything straight away that we can do later?
All that we want is to benefit in the here and now
We bloom in the moonlight
All that we want is to be able to live now
Chorus x2
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La terre est ronde

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