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The tribe of Dana

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The wind blows upon the plains of Armorican Brittany
I throw one last glance at my wife, my son, and my domain
Akim, the blacksmith's son has come to get me
The druids have decided to carry on the fight in the valley
Where all our ancestors, giant Celt warriors
After great battles imposed themselves as masters
It is now time to defend our land
Against an army of Simeriens ready to cross swords
The whole tribe assembled around great menhirs
To call upon the Gods so that they could bless us
After this prayer with my brothers, with no pretense of zeal
The chiefs gave us all a few mouthfuls of hydromel
For courage, so that there be no flaw
To remain great and proud when we will be in the battle
Because it's the first time for me that I leave for a war
And I hope to be worthy of the tribe of Dana
In the valley (oh oh), of Dana (la li la la)
In the valley (oh oh), I could hear the echos
In the valley (oh oh), of Dana (la li la la)
In the valley (oh oh), songs of war near the graves
After a few incantations of druids and magic
The whole tribe, sword in hand, ran toward the enemy
The fight was terrible and I could only see shadows
Cutting down the enemy that came back always more numerous
My brothers fell one after the other before my eyes
Under the weight of the weapons possessed by all these barbarians
Spears, axes, and swords in the garden of Eden
That drained blood onto the green grass of the plain
Like those days of grief, where man drags himself
To the boundary of the reign of evil and hatred
Were we to continue this battle already lost ?
But such was the pride of the all of the tribe
The fight went on like this until sunset
Of extreme ferocity and also relentless
We had to defend the land of our ancestors buried there
And for all the laws of the tribe of Dana
At the far side of the valley we could hear the sound of a horn
Of an enemy chief calling back all of his horde
Had he understood that we would fight even in hell
And that to the tribe of Dana belonged these lands?
The warriors were leaving, I did not understand
All the distance they covered just to make it here
When I set my gaze around me
I was the only one standing of the tribe; that was why
My fingers moved apart as I dropped my weapons
And along my cheeks tears started to fall
I never understood why the Gods spared me
From this black day of our history that I related
The wind still blows upon Armorican Brittany
And I've rejoined my wife, my son, and my domain
I've rebuilt everything with my own hands to make it this far
I have become king of the tribe of Dana
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Submitted by yoniyoni on Wed, 22/06/2011 - 22:01
Author's comments:

There were a few mistakes in the other version so I decided to try my own. I really enjoy trying to translate songs, which can sometimes be rather hard, but if you need something done from French to English or vs, feel free to ask.
Il y avait quelques erreurs dans l'autre traduction alors j'ai décidé de m'essayer, comme j'aime bien tenter de traduire des chansons, je vais m'amuser à faire mes versions, mais si quelqu'un veut quelque chose de traduit entre ces deux langues vous pouvez toujours demander. Regular smile merci


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SoaringHeightsSoaringHeights    Wed, 02/10/2019 - 18:59

Ah, I see.

After going through YouTube comments section for this song and its many mirrors as well as live performances, it's extremely popular with women in France. Any idea why?

silencedsilenced    Wed, 02/10/2019 - 18:55

Well, apparently neither intelligence nor culture or honesty are the key factors of sex appeal.
The song was a huge hit in 1998. I guess the mix of hip-hop and root folk was novel enough.

SoaringHeightsSoaringHeights    Wed, 02/10/2019 - 19:00

I take it they're considered dashing gents with lots of swag.

silencedsilenced    Wed, 02/10/2019 - 18:59

They were a one-song band, really. Never heard of again after this one hit.

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