L'abeille et le papillon (English translation)

  • Artist: Henri Salvador
  • Song: L'abeille et le papillon 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Spanish

The Bee and the Butterfly

A bee, one day of spring
Flew, flew happily
By the heather rose in bloom
Whose odor is so sweet
At the feet of the heather in bloom
A poor caterpillar in tears
It looked, flying in the sky
The little one and its honey
And the poor caterpillar in tears
Said to it "I love you"
But the bee up there, completely up there
Didn't hear a word
While the days passed
The caterpillar always cried
And the bee flew happily
In the spring sky
After it had cried until the night
Our caterpillar went to sleep
But the sun with its rays
Came to wake up a butterfly
And on a heather in bloom
Our bee gave its heart
While the crickets sang
To the little butterfly
Through the forests, the fields and the gardens
Brushed with their wings
Collected pollen of the rose the thyme
In the fresh air of the morning
My little story is finished
It shows that in life
When we are guided by love
We triumph always
We triumph always
We triumph always
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L'abeille et le papillon

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