Nabyla Maan - Laghzal Fatma الغزال الفاطمة (English translation)


Laghzal Fatma الغزال الفاطمة

ارحمي يا راحة لعقل ترحامي
من جفاك طال سقامي ...
كيف نبقى حاير وانت مسليا
... روفي يا لغزال فاطمة
امولاتي الحب والهوى والعشق ونار الغرم
من حالت الصبا فعضايا قاموا
كل واحد دار مقامو فمهجتي وضحى بحسامو مع سهامو
يطعن ويزيد بالجراح عدامي في غراد هذ الدامي
غير ملكت عقلي بجمالها وغلقت عنوا باب المراحمة
امولاتي خدي نفرشو بالشوق لدوك القدام
ونقولك يافاطمة زطمي يا لي داوتي جسم
يامري بالعز وحكمي ولا تحشمي
نشوفك يا الباهية قدامي الرقيب بصرو عامي
والحسود فغفلة وانا معاك تحت خيام الليل فلمخيمة
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English translation

Beautiful Fatma

You’re the peace of the mind, have mercy (on me) so may God have mercy on you too
I’ve been sick for so long because of your brusqueness
How could you let me distracted while you are in such peace?
Be gracious beautiful Fatma
Oh, my queen! Love, tenderness, passion and the fire of infatuation
Came into life in my body parts to turn into ecstasy
Each one of them set its place inside my soul, and it’s holding now his sword and arrows
Stabbing and cutting wounds open in my bones
She possessed my mind with her beauty and she slammed the door of mercy on purpose
My queen, I would make my cheek a carpet of yearning to those feet of yours
And I would tell you “Fatma! Go, step on it, you’re the one who healed my body
Give orders, rule and don’t you ever be shy”
Oh, gorgeous, I would see you in front of me, while the guard goes blind
And the one who begrudges us will miss to notice us, and I am with you under the awnings of night
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