Wafek Habeeb - Laiky Laiky ليكي ليكي (English translation)

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Listen Listen Listen
I like you for a while
Listen Listen Listen
Wherever you go and wherever you come
God's right, God's right, God's right
I don't have any work or anything to do
Except except except
Walking around you
Listen Listen Listen
I know all of your secrets
Listen Listen Listen
I know where are you going
If you want, if you want, if you want
I can repeat the people who visit you
And tell you, tell you, tell you
Where did you go in the morning and in the evening
Listen Listen Listen
I'll love you even you if you don't agree
Listen Listen Listen
Don't let anybody live in your heart instead of me
I walk I walk I walk
On your way like your shadow
God's right, God's right, God's right
I'll spend my life like this
I hope you like and understand the translations that I did....
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Laiky Laiky ليكي ليكي

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