The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Lament Jack'a [Jack's Lament] (English translation)

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Jack's Lament (Polish)

Oh yes, I have a talent
Nobody will deny it
I know how to wake up
the fear inside people,
no doubt!
To freeze blood, to make hair stand on end
and to make speechless
to make shake and to drive into anxiety state
My corpse appearance
can make a strapping man
tremble like a child!
One blow, one movement,
howl or clank
and the fear takes over the bravest bodies!
The same for years, it doesn't turn on like it used to
and this fearful scream became commonplace to me.
Cause I, Jack! The King of Scary Balls
I feel boredom and anger and pain.
And one more thing torments me today
an unknown emptiness, a strange hunger
I feel gloomy and I long for
something that is somewhere but not here.
It seems I am Mister Fear,
I know my job inside out,
I know what to do to make you all shake.
I am the master of horror
from Ulaanbaatar to Alaska,
any toddler knows this.
And when I want I will take my head in my hand
to recite Hamlet sloppily
I can switch from the whisper to scary yelling in a flash!
I mentioned that I am a man with a talent
But how can I explain to them that
their Pumpkin King is fed up with his roles.
He would like to throw the crown away to the corner, hide it, break it.
And instead of it, he'd like to find the key to happiness.
The unknown emptiness is tormenting me today
the longing for something that is somewhere
The ovation will not drown out my tears
And how can I find the sense here?
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Lament Jack'a [Jack's Lament]

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