Lamentomi et sospiro (English translation)

Italian (Medieval)

Lamentomi et sospiro

Lamentomi et sospiro per più potere amare,
Con grande desiderio l’amor vorrei gridare.
Vorrei gridar tant’alto, tutto il mondo m’audisse
E dentro ‘n paradiso ogni sancto rispondesse.
Et al mi’grande amore pietà li ne venisse
La sua benigna faccia mi degni rischiarare.
Con grande desiderio l’amor vorrei gridare
l’amor, in paradiso.
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Si tratta del lamento di Maria Maddalena, da un antico laudario fiorentino.

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English translation

I bewail and sigh

I bewail and sigh to be able to love more,
The desire of shouting my love is big in me.
I would like to shout even more things until the world would hear me
And every saint in Paradise would answer me.
May my dear beloved have mercy,
May they let me make them happy.
The desire of shouting my love is big in me,
My love, in Paradise.
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