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Aragonese (Central dialects)

Translations to and from
PrauTornaré t’a escuelaAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
MallacánTrobar-teAragonese (Central dialects) → Aragonese
PrauNomas ta sentirAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauO ChiloAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauBaxo lo solAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauAs flors d’a medinaAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauCuidat InfiernoAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauParetz CrebadasAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauMuertosAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauRue de BabyloneAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauMosoca, parola y movimientoAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauPlenos De MiedoAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauL’hibierno y a fredorAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauA Historia de Lorien PrauAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauMaitínAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauIsto Ye Por A Que LuitamosAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauO suenio d’os fatosAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauA luz d'as parolasAragonese (Central dialects) → Catalan
PrauOs Pietz En A TierraAragonese (Central dialects) → Spanish
PrauSom d’AragóAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauAscuita la tierraAragonese (Central dialects) → English
PrauCient BarallasAragonese (Central dialects) → English