Basque (other varieties)

Translations to and from
MalumaFelices Los 4Spanish → Basque (other varieties)
GatibuAske MaitteBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Amaia ZubiriaMaitia nun ziraBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Luis MarianoMaiteBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
GatibuEuritan dantzanBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Amaia ZubiriaGoizian argi hastianBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Salvador SobralAmar pelos DoisPortuguese → Basque (other varieties)
Amaia ZubiriaAgur Jesusen amaBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
J BalvinAhora diceSpanish → Basque (other varieties)
GatibuLoretxoaBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Amaia ZubiriaElorri xuriaren azpianBasque (other varieties) → English
GatibuBertsoaBasque (other varieties) → English
GatibuZumarragako trenaBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live ForeverEnglish → Basque (other varieties)
Shakira23English → Basque (other varieties)
Olatz ZugastiElearen lainoaBasque (other varieties) → Spanish
Christmas CarolsGabriel's MessageEnglish → Basque (other varieties)
Xavi SarriàSoledatCatalan, Basque (other varieties), Basque (Modern, Batua) → French