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Translations to and from
Cantabrian FolkGalernaCantabrian → Spanish
Cantabrian FolkSoi de CantabriaCantabrian → English
Cantabrian FolkGatu MaluCantabrian → Spanish
Cantabrian FolkAdiós Cantabria, AdiósCantabrian → Spanish
Cantabrian FolkLos Salcis Esnuga L'airiCantabrian → Spanish
Cantabrian FolkMorenucaCantabrian → Spanish
Cantabrian FolkArriba Cantabria GaiteraCantabrian → Spanish
Cantabrian Folk¿Dónde Vas Morenuca?Cantabrian → English
Cantabrian FolkMontañesa, MontañesaCantabrian → Spanish
Líadan (United States)Guie' BacuáZapotec → Cantabrian
Cantabrian FolkNel (El Viëju)Cantabrian → Spanish