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Translations to and from
WalelaCherokee Morning SongCherokee → English
WalelaAmazing Grace (Cherokee Version)Cherokee → English
WalelaWash Your Spirit CleanEnglish, Cherokee → English
ClannadI Will Find YouEnglish, Other, Cherokee → French
Native American FolkᎦᎵᎰᎢ (Gahliho'i)Cherokee → Greek
WalelaThe WhippoorwillEnglish, Cherokee → Cherokee
Christian Hymns & SongsThe Lord Is My Shepherd (23rd Psalm) (Keith Green version)English → Cherokee
Frozen 2 (OST)Into the UnknownEnglish → Cherokee
LibanaThe Earth, the Air, the Fire, the WaterEnglish → Cherokee
SilentRebel83MotherEnglish → Cherokee
Andrea BocelliThe Lord's PrayerEnglish → Cherokee
DanheimAngrboðaOld Norse/Norrønt → Cherokee
Native American FolkᎤᏍᏗ ᏲᎾ (Usdi Yona)Cherokee → Frisian
Native American Children's SongsᎦᎵᎰᎢ (Gahliho'i)Cherokee → English
Native American Children's SongsᎤᏍᏗ ᏲᎾ (Usdi Yona)Cherokee → English