Chinese (Cantonese)

Translations to and from
Britney SpearsOops!... I Did It AgainEnglish → Chinese (Cantonese)
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsChina National Anthem - 国歌 (Guo Ge)Chinese → Chinese (Cantonese)
Song Dongye斑马,斑马 (Ban Ma, Ban Ma)Chinese → Chinese (Cantonese)
Lamb Music父啊, 我向祢呼求 (fù a, wǒ xiàng mí hū qiú)Chinese → Chinese (Cantonese)
Demi LovatoSorry Not SorryEnglish → Chinese (Cantonese)
Starlight ExpressAC/DCEnglish → Chinese (Cantonese)
The Landlord's Cat云烟成雨 (Yun yan cheng yu)Chinese → Chinese (Cantonese)
Lamb MusicYou Are My FavoriteChinese → Chinese (Cantonese)
Lamb Music僅此一生 (jǐn cǐ yī shēng)Chinese → Chinese (Cantonese)