English (Jamaican)

Translations to and from
Stefflon Don16 shotsEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Linton Kwesi JohnsonInglan Is a BitchEnglish (Jamaican) → English
KoffeeToastEnglish (Jamaican) → English
SnowInformerEnglish (Jamaican) → German
Christopher MartinPaper LovingEnglish (Jamaican) → German
RihannaWorkEnglish (Jamaican) → Serbian
Sean PaulTemperatureEnglish (Jamaican) → Japanese
GyptianHold You (Hold Yuh)English (Jamaican) → German
ShaggyIt wasn't meEnglish, English (Jamaican) → Hungarian
Tito El BambinoFlow NaturalEnglish (Jamaican), Spanish, Hindi → Spanish
Linton Kwesi JohnsonIf I Waz a Tap Natch PoetEnglish (Jamaican) → English
MovadoCome into My RoomEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Linton Kwesi JohnsonSonny's LettahEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Busta Rhymes#TWERKITEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Stephen MarleyRock StoneEnglish (Jamaican) → English
KraniumNobody has to knowEnglish (Jamaican) → German
Ice MCIt's a rainy dayEnglish, English (Jamaican) → German
Tanya StephensIt's a pityEnglish (Jamaican) → Romanian
Linton Kwesi JohnsonDi Great InsohreckshanEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Sean PaulMad LoveEnglish (Jamaican) → Croatian
Major LazerWatch Out For This (Bumaye)English (Jamaican) → English
Bob MarleyEasy skankingEnglish (Jamaican) → French
SevanaMangoEnglish, English (Jamaican) → Portuguese
BeyoncéBaby BoyEnglish, English (Jamaican) → Turkish
Linton Kwesi JohnsonMi Revalueshanary FrenEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Tommy Lee SpartaPsychoEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
John HoltPolice In HelicopterEnglish (Jamaican) → English
AlborosieNo CocaineEnglish (Jamaican) → English
ChezidekCall Pon DemEnglish (Jamaican) → English
ChezidekAll My LifeEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Linton Kwesi JohnsonMaking HistoryEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Linton Kwesi JohnsonFite Dem BackEnglish (Jamaican) → English
ProtojeShot by LoveEnglish (Jamaican) → Spanish
Christopher MartinMamaEnglish (Jamaican) → English
AlborosiePoserEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Banx & RanxEgoFrench, English (Jamaican) → English
Damian MarleyPimpa's ParadiseEnglish (Jamaican) → Turkish
Ky-Mani MarleyRasta LoveEnglish (Jamaican) → Turkish
SpiceBlack HypocrisyEnglish (Jamaican) → French
ChronixxMost IEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Bob MarleyCrazy BaldheadsEnglish (Jamaican) → Serbian
Linton Kwesi JohnsonNew Word HawdahEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Damian MarleyNah meanEnglish (Jamaican) → Russian
Mikey DangerousHigher Than HighEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Vybz KartelAnything Ah AnythingEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Tommy Lee SpartaUnder VibesEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
Linton Kwesi JohnsonDi Eagle an' Di BearEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Linton Kwesi JohnsonReggae Fi May AyimEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Jah VinciNobody KnowsEnglish (Jamaican) → French
Rico BernasconiEbony eyesEnglish (Jamaican) → Polish
Bob MarleyThe HeathenEnglish (Jamaican) → Serbian
AlkalineCityEnglish (Jamaican) → Spanish
Vybz KartelWe never fear demEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
Vybz KartelWeh Dat FahEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
Tommy Lee SpartaDuh Yuh TingEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
Ini KamozeOutta JamaicaEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Chuck FendaAll About Da WeedEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Sean PaulTake It LowEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Sean PaulOne AwayEnglish (Jamaican) → English
CrookersJump UpEnglish (Jamaican) → English
SizzlaSmoke MarijuanaEnglish (Jamaican) → Romanian
AlborosieNatural MysticEnglish (Jamaican) → English
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsBritish National Anthem - God Save the QueenEnglish → English (Jamaican)
Nas & Damian MarleyFriendsEnglish (Jamaican) → Turkish
Damian MarleyIt Was WrittenEnglish (Jamaican) → German
Buju BantonDriver AEnglish (Jamaican) → French
Christian Hymns & SongsPater nosterLatin → English (Jamaican)
Vybz KartelInformerEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
Tommy Lee SpartaBetray Di Gaza BossEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish
Mellow MoodMosesEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Major LazerAnything GoesEnglish (Jamaican) → English
SkrillexAll Is Fair in Love and BrostepEnglish (Jamaican) → Chinese
Bob MarleyRainbow CountryEnglish (Jamaican) → German
Damian MarleyLand Of PromiseEnglish (Jamaican) → English
Richie CampbellLove Is An AddictionEnglish, English (Jamaican) → Portuguese
AlborosieJah CrownEnglish (Jamaican) → English
AlborosieStill Blazin'English (Jamaican) → English
Althea and DonnaUptown Top RankingEnglish (Jamaican) → German
MersenerVampireFrench (Seychellois Creole), English (Jamaican) → English
AlborosieRocky RoadEnglish (Jamaican) → Finnish