English (Middle English)

Translations to and from
RammsteinIch willGerman → English (Middle English)
English FolkMirie it isEnglish (Middle English) → English
Ezra PoundWinter is icumen inEnglish (Middle English) → English
Geoffrey ChaucerPrologue to the Canterbury TalesEnglish (Middle English) → English
RammsteinAmourGerman → English (Middle English)
The Hilliard EnsembleSumer Is Icumen InEnglish (Middle English) → English
Owain PhyfeWorldes BlisEnglish (Middle English) → English
Geoffrey ChaucerGeneral Prologue (first 10 lines)English (Middle English) → Italian
Mediaeval BaebesAria [Remix]English (Middle English) → English
English FolkAlisoun (Alysoun)English (Middle English) → English
FaunAdam Lay YboundenEnglish (Middle English) → English
Jane EaglenThe DreameEnglish (Middle English) → English
Christmas CarolsAls I Lay on Yoolis NightEnglish (Middle English) → English
Geoffrey ChaucerKnight (The Prologue of the Canterbury Tales)English (Middle English) → English
Christmas CarolsAngelus ad VirginemLatin → English (Middle English)
John DowlandNocturneEnglish (Middle English) → German
Fabrizio De AndréCarlo Martello ritorna dalla battaglia di PoitiersItalian → English (Middle English)
SabatonPoltava (English version)English → English (Middle English)
English FolkMaiden in the morEnglish (Middle English) → Italian
Mediaeval BaebesAriaEnglish (Middle English) → English
English FolkI syng of a maydenEnglish (Middle English) → English
SilentRebel83MotherEnglish → English (Middle English)
English FolkBryd on e breereEnglish (Middle English) → Russian
Unknown Artist (English)WHEN THE NYHTEGALE SINGESEnglish, English (Middle English) → English
Emma ShapplinThe InfernoItalian (Medieval) → English (Middle English)
Unknown Artist (English)Bryd one brereEnglish (Middle English) → Italian
Blue StahliLakes Of FlameEnglish → English (Middle English)