Idioms in
A breach of promiseEnglish-
a broken reputation is never mendedEnglish4
A broken watch is right two times a dayEnglish6
A buenas horas, mangas verdesEnglish1
a bull in a china shopEnglish32
A bully is always a cowardEnglish-
A bum steerEnglish-
a buon intenditor, poche parole!English13
A burden of your own choice is not feltEnglish14
a burning wishEnglish-
A burnt child dreads fireEnglish30
A burnt child dreads the fireEnglish30
A busman's holidayEnglish-
A cada cual, lo suyoEnglish16
A cal y cantoEnglish1
A callarEnglish103
A can of wormsEnglish-
A capillo usque ad unguesEnglish50
A capite ad calcemEnglish50
A carbon copyEnglish-
A cat among pigeonsEnglish21
A cat has nine livesEnglish9
a caval donato non si guarda in boccaEnglish33
A chacun sa chacuneEnglish-
A chain is only as strong as its weakest linkEnglish9
À charge de revancheEnglish-
à cheval donné, on ne regarde pas la dentureEnglish33
a chip off the old blockEnglish77
A Chip on Your ShoulderEnglish2
English, Russian #1, #2
a chorrosEnglish-
Arabic, English #1, #2, Greek
A clean bill of healthEnglish-
A clean hand wants no washingEnglish4
A close callEnglish-
A close call, or a close scrapeEnglish5
A closed bookEnglish-
A closed mouth catches no flies English11
a cold day in hellEnglish-
a contramanoEnglish-
a corto plazoEnglish-
a couple of wordsEnglish7
A crap shootEnglish7
a daniel come to judgementEnglish-
Arabic, English #1, #2
A day and a mile awayEnglish13
A dead give awayEnglish-
a destiempoEnglish-
à deux doigts de craquerEnglish-
A devil of timeEnglish-
A diamond in the roughEnglish-
English #1, #2
A different kettle of fishEnglish-
a different storyEnglish1
A dime a dozenEnglish1
A dime's worthEnglish1
English #1, #2, Greek, Russian
A disgustoEnglish-
a dos pasosEnglish-
A dos velasEnglish2
A doubting ThomasEnglish-
A drop in the bucketEnglish1
A drop in the oceanEnglish10
a drowning man will clutch/catch/grab/grasp at a strawEnglish8
English #1, #2, Turkish
A duras penasEnglish-
English #1, #2, Greek
A dying dog (or wolf) bites at its own woundsEnglish-
A estas alturasEnglish-
Å få blod på tannenEnglish-
a face curte (cuiva)English4
a face în capEnglish4
A falta de pan, tortillasEnglish33
a feast for the eyesEnglish2
a few bob short of a poundEnglish4
A few cards short of a deckEnglish-
English #1, #2
A few roos loose in the top paddockEnglish-
a fi închelitEnglish-
a fin de cuentasEnglish7
English #1, #2, Spanish
A fine gestureEnglish7
A fine kettle of fishEnglish-
A firm handEnglish-
a flash of hope / a bit of blue sky / break in the cloudsEnglish8
A fool and his money are easily partedEnglish-
A fool's paradiseEnglish-
a force to be reckoned withEnglish-
A frog in your throatEnglish1
A fueddus maccus, origas surdasEnglish3
A full houseEnglish-
A Golden key can open any doorEnglish6
A good beginning makes a good endingEnglish-
A good catchEnglish6
A good name is better than riches.English3
a good name is better than riches/good oilEnglish4
a good name is the best of all treasuresEnglish4
a good voice to beg baconEnglish1
A grama do vizinho é sempre mais verde.English40
A greenhornEnglish3
a grudge againstEnglish3
a hair's breadth awayEnglish2
English #1, #2
A happy camperEnglish-
A hard nut to crackEnglish10
a hard pill to swallowEnglish2
A hard sellEnglish-
English #1, #2, #3, #4
a heads upEnglish-
A heart of stoneEnglish27
English #1, #2, Greek, Turkish
A heavy hand/heavy-handedEnglish-