French (Picard)

Translations to and from
French FolkMa 'tiote brouetteFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesTout ch'ti qui...French (Picard) → French
French FolkFrérot JacquesFrench (Picard) → Greek
Edmond TanièreSi te viens dins l'nordFrench (Picard) → French
French FolkLa VisschersbendeFrench (Picard) → French
Maurice AlbasLes biroutesFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesJean LariguetteFrench (Picard) → French
Boris VianLe déserteurFrench → French (Picard)
Edmond TanièreTout in haut de ch’terrilFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreLes tomatesFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreAh ! Si y' avot pus d'belle meresFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreLes femmes d'ach' t'heureFrench (Picard) → French
French FolkDors Min P'Ti Quinquin (L'Canchon Dormoire)French (Picard) → French
French FolkJ'ai min nez qui goutteFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreL’cordéoneuxFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreNon, t'iras point al fosseFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreLouis par chi, Louis par laFrench (Picard) → French
Simon ColliezAl' dit toudis "nan"French (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesChes Cats, Ches QuiensFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesMin PoreauFrench (Picard) → French
Jules MousseronM’tchotte soérisFrench (Picard) → English
French Children SongsTchot Peuchet i vo à l'cacheFrench (Picard) → English
French Children SongsCri du coqFrench (Picard) → French
French FolkMin vieux HinninFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesL'Planque à PainFrench (Picard) → French
Raoul de GodewarsveldeL'Carette à QuiensFrench (Picard) → French
French FolkMi j'parle patoisFrench (Picard) → French
Simon ColliezL'mal du paysFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreMélanieFrench (Picard) → French
Edmond TanièreEm' belle soeurFrench (Picard) → French
French FolkEin' bonne mousseFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesQuind les InglaissesFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesCh'est un p'tit arrosoirFrench (Picard) → French
RenaudD'ù qui sontFrench (Picard) → French
French Children SongsLes doigts de la mainFrench (Picard) → French
French Children SongsUn prénomFrench (Picard) → French
French Children SongsChansonnetteFrench (Picard) → French
Simon ColliezIl est minteuxFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesL'Curé d'Saint LouisFrench (Picard) → French
Les CapenoulesMin P'ti FrèreFrench (Picard) → French