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French (Réunion Creole)

Translations to and from
Jaqueline FarreyrolZéro calebasse la fumée grands boisFrench (Réunion Creole) → French
Rosemary StandleySega JacquotFrench (Réunion Creole) → French
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsP’tit fleur fanéeFrench (Réunion Creole) → French
Cyprien ZeniMa familleFrench, French (Réunion Creole) → English
Saodaj'Pokor lèrFrench (Réunion Creole) → English
African FolkKonpèr ZakFrench (Réunion Creole) → English
AngieOun bers mon lavi dan ou loveFrench (Réunion Creole), French (Seychellois Creole) → English
Jaqueline FarreyrolZ’enfant la misèreFrench (Réunion Creole) → French