Requests for transcriptions to
ArtistRequestLanguagePosted Ago
Chris CombetteBabylone BuildingsFrench2 weeks 5 days
Aisyatha AllesandraNous le Rêverons Possible (Dream it Possible - Version Française)French1 month 6 days
One Piece (OST)Generique 05French1 month 1 week
One Piece (OST)Generique 04French1 month 1 week
One Piece (OST)Generique 03French1 month 1 week
One Piece (OST)Generique 01French1 month 1 week
Djeuhdjoah & Lieutenant NicholsonEl NiñoFrench1 month 1 week
ValaireBy My Side (feat. Karim Ouellet, Alan Prater)French1 month 3 weeks
HusoT'es ma Beauté (Te Boté - Remix Français)French1 month 3 weeks
Xavier CaféïneLes ImbécilesFrench2 months 1 week
Dakh DaughtersCactusFrench3 months 4 days
JovanChi-Town Lovin'French4 months 3 days
Annie CastRue du FricFrench4 months 1 week
Gloria EstefanAmour InfiniFrench4 months 3 weeks
Mara TremblayTon corps au mienFrench4 months 3 weeks
Dolls Of PainCicatriceFrench5 months 1 week
ViolensViolent Sensation Descends (French Version)French5 months 3 weeks
ChymèresFantasmeFrench6 months 1 week
UNKNOWNLa Vie En RoseFrench6 months 3 weeks
AlbéLilleFrench8 months 5 days
Achille PouletCarnaval, tu es roi Feat Mona ClaireFrench8 months 1 week
Emilia CuronLe coeur a dit ouiFrench8 months 1 week
Tenacious DClassico (French version)French9 months 2 weeks
Aly WsMes Gars (Mi Gente - Version Française)French9 months 3 weeks
La RecettePrièreFrench10 months 5 days
Monica AspelundLaponieFrench10 months 1 week
Makhno ProjectFantaisieFrench10 months 4 weeks
Richy NixHataliFrench1 year 2 days
Céline LanguedocJardin d'EdenFrench1 year 2 weeks
St AudinLibre comme l'artFrench1 year 1 month
Forguette Mi NoteIstemboFrench1 year 5 months
Adam ProjectSea-Gulls / Comme La PluieFrench1 year 6 months
DickensGénocideFrench1 year 8 months
Cajun RoostersValse d'orphelinFrench1 year 9 months
DorisAvant toiFrench1 year 10 months
Tangerine DreamSpirit SpiralFrench2 years 1 month
Corpse Bride (OST)Un Mariage (Canadian French) [The Wedding Song]French2 years 1 month
King Khan and the ShrinesLe fils de Jacques DutroncFrench2 years 2 months
AshkaDégoût viscéraleFrench2 years 2 months
Tac Poum SystèmeAsmodaïFrench2 years 3 months
Anthony BellicourtJe suis un séducteurFrench2 years 3 months
La TchadBavetteFrench2 years 3 months
Missz JohnsonPeligrosoFrench2 years 3 months
RettoreAvant GardeFrench2 years 4 months
Unknown Artist (French)Connaissez-vous là basFrench2 years 5 months
Ad InfernaOmniscienceFrench2 years 6 months
DorisGarçonFrench2 years 7 months
Barbara KanamSi SiFrench2 years 8 months
StrongholdLive by the RulesFrench2 years 9 months
Anorexia NervosaBlood, latex, terrortech warFrench3 years 2 days
HaksReste CoolFrench3 years 2 weeks
AshkaÇa sent la pourritureFrench3 years 3 weeks
Opéra de nuitL'Appel Du FroidFrench3 years 1 month
Opéra de nuitBoris Transylvania CampFrench3 years 1 month
RuthMotsFrench3 years 2 months
MomoL'Eur de MomòFrench3 years 2 months
ArgentoManhuntFrench3 years 6 months
Pensées NocturnesLe MarionnettisteFrench5 years 2 months