Requests for transcriptions to
ArtistRequestLanguagePosted Ago
TiiwtiiwPoupiaFrench1 week 2 days
Xavier CaféïneLes ImbécilesFrench1 week 6 days
Dakh DaughtersCactusFrench1 month 1 week
JovanChi-Town Lovin'French2 months 1 week
Annie CastRue du FricFrench2 months 2 weeks
Gloria EstefanAmour InfiniFrench2 months 3 weeks
Mara TremblayTon corps au mienFrench2 months 3 weeks
Dolls Of PainCicatriceFrench3 months 2 weeks
Le Trottoir D'en FaceVers toiFrench3 months 4 weeks
ViolensViolent Sensation Descends (French Version)French4 months 2 days
ChymèresFantasmeFrench4 months 1 week
UnknownLa Vie En RoseFrench4 months 4 weeks
AlbéLilleFrench6 months 1 week
Achille PouletCarnaval, tu es roi Feat Mona ClaireFrench6 months 1 week
Emilia CuronLe coeur a dit ouiFrench6 months 1 week
JacynthePapillon de NuitFrench7 months 1 week
Tenacious DClassico (French version)French7 months 3 weeks
Aly WsMes Gars (Mi Gente - Version Française)French8 months 1 day
La RecettePrièreFrench8 months 1 week
Monica AspelundLaponieFrench8 months 2 weeks
Makhno ProjectFantaisieFrench9 months 3 days
Richy NixHataliFrench10 months 1 week
Céline LanguedocJardin d'EdenFrench10 months 4 weeks
UnknownUnknownFrench12 months 3 days
Forguette Mi NoteIstemboFrench1 year 3 months
Adam ProjectSea-Gulls / Comme La PluieFrench1 year 4 months
DickensGénocideFrench1 year 6 months
Cajun RoostersValse d'orphelinFrench1 year 8 months
DorisAvant toiFrench1 year 9 months
UnknownUnknownFrench1 year 11 months
Tangerine DreamSpirit SpiralFrench1 year 11 months
Corpse Bride (OST)Un Mariage (Canadian French) [The Wedding Song]French1 year 11 months
King Khan and the ShrinesLe fils de Jacques DutroncFrench2 years 3 weeks
AshkaDégoût viscéraleFrench2 years 1 month
Tac Poum SystèmeAsmodaïFrench2 years 1 month
UnknownUnknownFrench2 years 1 month
La TchadBavetteFrench2 years 2 months
Missz JohnsonPeligrosoFrench2 years 2 months
La TchadYo FachéFrench2 years 2 months
RettoreAvant GardeFrench2 years 2 months
Unknown Artist (French)Connaissez-vous là basFrench2 years 4 months
Ad InfernaOmniscienceFrench2 years 4 months
DorisGarçonFrench2 years 5 months
Barbara KanamSi SiFrench2 years 6 months
StrongholdLive by the RulesFrench2 years 7 months
Anorexia NervosaBlood, latex, terrortech warFrench2 years 10 months
HaksReste CoolFrench2 years 10 months
AshkaÇa sent la pourritureFrench2 years 11 months
Opéra de nuitL'Appel Du FroidFrench3 years 13 hours
Opéra de nuitBoris Transylvania CampFrench3 years 13 hours
RuthMotsFrench3 years 2 weeks
MomoL'Eur de MomòFrench3 years 3 weeks
ArgentoManhuntFrench3 years 4 months
Pensées NocturnesLe MarionnettisteFrench5 years 1 week