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German (Old High German)

Translations to and from
HeilungTraustGerman (Old High German), Old Norse/Norrønt → English
HeilungHamrer HippyerGerman (Old High German) → English
RammsteinDeutschlandGerman → German (Old High German)
HeilungHamrer Hippyer (FUTHA)German (Old High German) → English
Medieval SongsDas HildebrandsliedGerman (Old High German) → German
Medieval Songs1. Merseburger ZauberspruchGerman (Old High German) → English
TVINNAKreizGerman (Old High German) → English
In ExtremoMerseburger ZaubersprücheGerman (Old High German) → German
In ExtremoMerseburger Zaubersprüche IIGerman (Old High German) → German
Saltatio MortisMerseburger ZauberspruchGerman (Old High German) → German
Otfrid von WeißenburgThes abet er ubar woroltringGerman (Old High German) → German
SilentRebel83MotherEnglish → German (Old High German)