Tagalog (dialects)

Translations to and from
Filipino FolkManang BidayIlokano → Tagalog (dialects)
City Harvest ChurchCome holy spiritEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Aladdin (OST)A Whole New WorldEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Daniel PadillaNasa iyo na ang lahatTagalog (dialects) → English
Kurt FickHAHAHAHasulaTagalog (dialects) → English
Celeste LegaspiGaano Ko Ikaw KamahalTagalog (dialects) → English
John NewtonAmazing Grace (Short Version)English → Tagalog (dialects)
Daniel PadillaBinibiniTagalog (dialects) → English
Christian Hymns & SongsSong of Ruth / Wherever You Go (wedding song)English → Tagalog (dialects)
Regine VelasquezDadalhinTagalog (dialects) → English
Carol Banawaiingatan kaTagalog (dialects) → English
George Harry SandersThe Teapot Song (I'm a Little Teapot)English → Tagalog (dialects)
The Greatest Showman (OST)Rewrite the StarsEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
PinkJust Give Me a ReasonEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Pinoy Worship SongsSa'yoTagalog (dialects) → English
Christian Hymns & SongsBecause He LivesEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
EraserheadsPare KoTagalog (dialects) → English
Regine VelasquezIkawTagalog (dialects) → English
Kenny RogersThrough The YearsEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
AegisLuhaTagalog (dialects) → English
Lea SalongaLipadTagalog (dialects) → English
Bugoy DrilonPaano na Kaya?Tagalog (dialects) → English
USA for AfricaWe Are the WorldEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Rodel NavalMuliTagalog (dialects) → English
First Circleako'y sayo at ika'y akin lamangTagalog (dialects) → English
Hillsong ChurchHosannaEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Kelly ClarksonBecause of YouEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Descendants (OST)If OnlyEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
The Little Mermaid (OST)Part of Your WorldEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Avril LavigneWish You Were HereEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Martin NieveraKahit isang saglitTagalog (dialects) → English
Bryan AdamsHeavenEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Geoff MooreIN CHRIST ALONEEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Freddie Aguilar MagdalenaTagalog (dialects) → English
James ReidNo EraseTagalog (dialects) → English
AegisBasang-basa sa UlanTagalog (dialects) → English
Lea SalongaNandito AkoTagalog (dialects) → English
Christian Hymns & SongsJesus loves meEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Kris LawrenceIkaw palaTagalog (dialects) → English
Chris Lawrencekung malaya lang akoTagalog (dialects) → English
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsKatagalugan National Anthem - Marangal na Dalit ng KatagaluganTagalog (dialects) → English
April BoysHoney My Love So SweetTagalog (dialects) → English
Gloc-9BalitaTagalog (dialects) → English
The Twilight Saga (OST)A Thousand YearsEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Christian BautistaThe Way You Look At MeEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Maja SalvadorDahan-DahanTagalog (dialects) → English
Christian Hymns & SongsAbove All PowersEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Regine Velasqueznarito akoTagalog (dialects) → English
Luis MiguelHistoria de un amorSpanish → Tagalog (dialects)
HoobastankThe ReasonEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Jed MadelaThe PastEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Yolly SamsonSuperstar ng Buhay KoTagalog (dialects) → English
98 DegreesI Do (Cherish You)English → Tagalog (dialects)
Christian Hymns & SongsLord You are goodEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Jessie JPrice TagEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
BAAD君が好きだと叫びたい (kimi ga suki da to sakebitai)Japanese → Tagalog (dialects)
Sam ConcepcionDati feat. Tippy Dos Santos, QuestTagalog (dialects) → English
Declan GalbraithLove of my lifeEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
South BorderIkaw NgaTagalog (dialects) → English
Sharon CunetaMr. DJTagalog (dialects) → English
Céline DionI Love You, GoodbyeEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Andy WilliamsThe Impossible DreamEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Christian Hymns & SongsHoly Holy HolyEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Sarah GeronimoIkot-ikotTagalog (dialects) → English
ExtremeMore Than WordsEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Parokya ni EdgarPara Sa'yoTagalog (dialects) → English
Bette MidlerWind Beneath My WingsEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Elvis PresleyIn the GhettoEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Rico J. PunoDamdaminTagalog (dialects) → English
Tokio HotelDurch den MonsunGerman → Tagalog (dialects)
Sharon CunetaMaging Sino Ka ManTagalog (dialects) → English
OJ MarianoHanggang Dito Na LangTagalog (dialects) → English
Ogie AlcasidKung Mawawala KaTagalog (dialects) → English
Hillsong UnitedDraw me close to youEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
KiroroBest FriendJapanese → Tagalog (dialects)
Sarah GeronimoIkawTagalog (dialects) → English
Christina AguileraReflectionEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Yeng ConstantinoAlaalaTagalog (dialects) → English
CallalilyPansamantalaTagalog (dialects) → English
James ReidNatatarantaTagalog (dialects) → English
James ReidHuwag Ka Nang HumiritTagalog (dialects) → English
Morissette AmonDi MapaliwanagTagalog (dialects) → English
Yolly SamsonPag-ibig ko'y Ibang-ibaTagalog (dialects) → English
Julio IglesiasCrazy (Tagalog)Tagalog (dialects) → English
Aiza SeguerraSa Ugoy ng DuyanTagalog (dialects) → English
Hillsong UnitedYou Are WorthyEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Yolly SamsonBato Sa BuhanginTagalog (dialects) → English
Silent SanctuarySummer SongTagalog (dialects) → English
Christian Hymns & SongsBueno es Dios, siempre fielSpanish → Tagalog (dialects)
Regine VelasquezPag-ibig Ko'y PansininTagalog (dialects) → English
Freddie Aguilar BuhayTagalog (dialects) → English
Hillsong UnitedHere I am to worshipEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Gloc-9upuanTagalog (dialects) → English
Erik SantosI'll never goEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Tom Jones(It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall in Love AgainEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsPolish National Anthem - Mazurek Dąbrowskiego (Polski Hymn Narodowy)Polish → Tagalog (dialects)
shamrockSanaTagalog (dialects) → English
Zia QuizonAko na langTagalog (dialects) → English
Dennis TrilloKailanmanTagalog (dialects) → English
Jimmy Two-ShoesJimmy Gets AroundEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Maroon 5One More NightEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
SampaguitaLagunaTagalog (dialects) → English
SmugglazNakakamissTagalog (dialects) → English
Michael W. SmithBreatheEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Hezekiah WalkerWhat a mighty God we serveEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Matteo GuidicelliIpapadama Na LangTagalog (dialects) → English
Daniel PadillaIkaw Ang Musika KoTagalog (dialects) → English
Sarah GeronimoAko'y MaghihintayTagalog (dialects) → English
Tokio HotelSpring nichtGerman → Tagalog (dialects)
Gary ValencianoHow Did You KnowEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Kyla - R&B PrincessNasan Ka NaTagalog (dialects) → English
Kyla - R&B PrincessNgayong Wala Ka NaTagalog (dialects) → English
Rico J. PunoLupaTagalog (dialects) → English
Freddie Aguilar Sa KabukiranTagalog (dialects) → English
Freddie Aguilar PulubiTagalog (dialects) → English
Hillsong UnitedWith All I AmEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Joel HoustonFrom the Inside OutEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
6cyclemindSandalanTagalog (dialects) → English
Reuben MorganThis Is Our GodEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Daniel PadillaNagkakulay ang mundoTagalog (dialects) → English
Christian Hymns & SongsLa GuadalupanaSpanish → Tagalog (dialects)
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsMontenegrin National AnthemMontenegrin → Tagalog (dialects)
Dingdong AvanzadoMaghihintay Sa YoTagalog (dialects) → English
Piolo PascualBakit hindi na lang ikawTagalog (dialects) → English
CallalilyBitter SongTagalog (dialects) → English
Stevie BDream About YouEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Curse OneMasaya Ako SayoTagalog (dialects) → English
Sarah GeronimoDahil minahal mo akoTagalog (dialects) → English
Whitney HoustonSaving All My Love For YouEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
SampaguitaBonggahanTagalog (dialects) → English
Josh GrobanAll I Ask of YouEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Junko IwaoScarletJapanese → Tagalog (dialects)
Yolly SamsonTulak Ng Bibig, Kabig Ng DibdibTagalog (dialects) → English
Aiza SeguerraPalagay ko, mahal kitaTagalog (dialects) → English
Chris LeDouxLook at You GirlEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Gary ValencianoBabalik Ka RinTagalog (dialects) → English
Michael Learns to RockIt’s Gonna Make SenseEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Janie FrickeYou Changed My Life In A MomentEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Kyla - R&B PrincessTahan NaTagalog (dialects) → English
Boys Like GirlsTwo Is Better Than OneEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Christian Hymns & SongsWe Were the ReasonsEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
True Faith Dahil ikaw Tagalog (dialects) → English
Reuben MorganAll the HeavensEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Miriam WebsterMade Me GladEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Geoff BullockPower of Your LoveEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Hillsong ChurchYou SaidEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
RivermayaBye Bye NaTagalog (dialects) → English
RJ JimenezAkoTagalog (dialects) → English
Association of Southeast Asian NationsThe ASEAN WayEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Daniel PadillaDiskarteTagalog (dialects) → English
Agnez MoMataharikuIndonesian → Tagalog (dialects)
The AmbassadorsIt Might Be YouEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Yeng ConstantinoWag-naTagalog (dialects) → English
DelloMinsanTagalog (dialects) → English
Mimmi SandénDuSwedish → Tagalog (dialects)
Shloime DaskalTzama Lecha NafshiHebrew → Tagalog (dialects)
Rebbe Eliezer Shlomo Schickעוז והדר לבושה (Oz Vehadar Levusha)Hebrew → Tagalog (dialects)
Jason DyMilagroTagalog (dialects) → English
Jimmy Two-ShoesJimmy's Gonna Be Your Best FriendEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
CorithaKaibiganTagalog (dialects) → English
Marni NixonClimb Every MountainEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
CamilaColeccionista de cancionesSpanish → Tagalog (dialects)
KylaI Will Be ThereEnglish → Tagalog (dialects)
Amel BentCette idée-làFrench → Tagalog (dialects)
Regine VelasquezTanging mahalTagalog (dialects) → English
Tokio HotelAutomatischGerman → Tagalog (dialects)
the beloved jay-RDi ko sadyaTagalog (dialects) → English
Jericho RosalesDi Bale Na LangTagalog (dialects) → English