Laniakea (English translation)

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My memories of silver wake
formed from galaxies devour planets at random.
Laniakea is a ballerina that plays with the mirrors
that narrate fairytales.
If I have to look back
and it makes sense [to me]
to save the forbidden,
[then] I must look back.
If I don't reach
the end of the ages,
I'll stay calm
and I won't see them coming.
My memories are silly,
a blurry cluster
that hurts me when I wake up.
My galaxies and your gluttony,
from everything they had [done],
they never thought to resign.
If I have to look back,
you'll realise
that you have to solve it with me, or else you'll fail.
And I know that the end of Sunday will come.
I'm staying with you
and not thinking of abandoning you.
Οι μεταφράσεις μου μέχρι ένα εφικτό σημείο είναι δικές μου. Δέχομαι βελτιώσεις μόνο αν θεωρώ ότι κάποια μετάφρασή μου έχει παράδοθεί ελλιπής ή εντελώς εσφαλμένη.
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