L'anima (English translation)

English translation

The Soul

In every thing there's a sense of truth
It's that every man has a sin deep within their soul
The difficulty is in appreciating
Because it's easier to waste senses amid chaos
If you ignore the soul, it's like having half a life
If you touch the soul, you skim over her and she'll talk to you
About her gift, and finally
Every gesture will have a sense of beauty and intimacy
And feel surprised that who you were looking for was already with you
The difficulty is in feeling
Indifference can hurt so much that
It can bond a soul, just for it to escape whenever it wants
If you ignore the soul, it's like killing her
But it won't die, no, she can't
No, it won't die, no, she can't
But don't you know or want
Listen to a soul, finally it will shine
Strip a soul, you'll see she will be reborn
If you ignore a soul
You can hurt her
You can do her evil
She weeps and cries
Suffers and falls
But she will get back up
Translation done by Alma Barroca. In case you want to reprint it, please ask for permission first and always cite my name as its author. /
Tradução feita por Alma Barroca. Caso você queira reutilizá-la, por favor peça por permissão antes e sempre cite meu nome como o do autor.
Submitted by Alma Barroca on Sun, 30/12/2018 - 20:53
Author's comments:

In Italian, 'anima' is a feminine noun. It's neuter in English, but I decided to use the feminine to keep the original poetry of the lyrics.



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