Lara Fabian - Painting in the Rain

  • Artist: Lara Fabian (Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert)
  • Album: Camouflage
  • Translations: Persian, Portuguese, Russian

Painting in the Rain

I set up my easel in the sun
Took a breath celebrating what's begun
Traced the day with a hopeful brush
Smiled and watched the sky blush
Faces appeared in the morning light
Blending together brighter than bright
Voices familiar and foreign tongues
Singing to me their own songs
I heard the message in the air
Imagine the picture they wanted to share
In spite of all the blurs and tears
Love is the colour we should wear
Then the clouds roll in
Oh, then the clouds roll in
And then the storm begins
Over us and ominous
I'll keep on painting in the rain
Over and over and over again
Making a masterpiece of stains
Painting my heart out
Out in the rain
I'll keep on painting in the rain
Letting it wash away my name
Go with the flow, embrace the change
Painting my heart out
Out in the rain
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