Mojinos Escozios - Las burbujitas (English translation)

English translation

The bubbles

1 2 3 y uhhhhhh....
We wanna be, we wanna be
Bubbles of the freixenet ad
How I'd like that the next year
They get me for the TV commercial
what an illusion what a fuss, another pilot
How I'd like to get dressed in gold
like the bubbles
And being all day long bouncing,
Jumping and shouting
To the bubble of La Coruña
I'd eat her nails
To the bubble of Santander
I'd eat her feet
To the bubble of Almería
I'd eat her too
To the bubble of Logroño
I'd eat her... 1
"Alcoholics Anonymous, say!"
  • 1. pussy
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Author's comments:

Freixenet is a brand of cava, whick is a sparkling wine made in Catalonia. Every year, Freixenet does a Christmas TV commercial with famous Spanish and International celebrities. They also have the burbujitas (bubbles) which are young women dressed in golden suits simulating to be cava bubbles.


Las burbujitas