Mojinos Escozios - Las niñas de la salle (English translation)

English translation

The girls of La Salle School

We're going to the fields, we're going on a trip
We're going singing because is so cool
We're going happy, we're going radiants
Some go behind and some ahead
We carry the bath suit to bathe in the river
We carry the snack in our backpack
We carry a water bottle, we carry a lantern
We carry shavers to shave our legs
We carry a cream for the mosquitos
We carry paper to clean our behinds
We carry hidden a liquor bottle
And we carry a machete to kill snakes
We're the girls of the La Salle School
We like the nuns to take us to the valley
We pick flowers, we pick butteflies
because we're delicate as rose petals.
The nuns says we go to sleep
And we get in our tents
And when the nuns start to snore
We get the tobacco and start smoking
We pray an our father and two ave marias
We count lambs to be asleep
And as it's so cold in the field
We have to sleep with our finger stuck.
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Las niñas de la salle