This is the last straw

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This is the last straw (English) — It is finish

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Translations of "This is the last straw"

Arabicالقشة التي قصمت ظهر البعير
Russianпоследняя капля
SpanishEsto es el colmo
UkrainianОстання крапля

"This is the last straw" in lyrics

So you don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
There's nothing left to beg for

Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry

Traveled from afar, they now held council
What is the fate, what is the gods' will?
Unrest grew, the discontent was strong
This is the last straw, it is time for resistance

Germanic brother

Heidevolk - Sworn in the Woods

You can't escape the disease of the freeze -
of the sideshow release - come and bring you to your knees
This is the last straw - I can't control, I explode
Now I got you in a choke hold
You can't try to get off - you'll get lost - you'll get tossed

40 Below Summer - Step Into The Sideshow

Pay attention to your words
You are going too far
Everyone has patient
This is the last straw

Ask the one who knows

Yonca Evcimik - Behave Yourself

The picture that I see is black and white
All the colors, they have fled from me!
This is the last straw in my lonely life
It is much too hard to bear!

Peggy Zina - What is the meaning?